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Ocean Sky Bracelet (SET OF 5)
Ocean Sky Bracelet (SET OF 5)

Ocean Sky Bracelet (SET OF 5)

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As you caste your eye over the finely polished stones that make up your new piece of jewelry, you come to see that they represent the currents of the oceans, and the clouds that move across the sky. Your mind will be instantly transported to those days spent relaxing and walking on the beach as the ocean gently laps against the shore.
Everything you need to add an inspirational piece of jewelry to your new look as you head out into the world to explore all that awaits you.
  • Local Inspiration: Crafted by people who have lived by the sea for generations, every piece brings with it something of what it feels like to call the ocean your home
  • Natural Contrast: The gold of the turtle works in perfect harmony with the deep resonating shades of the stones to remind you of the power and tranquility of the ocean
  • The Perfect Finishing Touch: The moody colors that ebb and flow through every bead are perfect if you want to add something to your jewelry box that will accent your new look
  • A Celebration of Nature: With a golden turtle taking centerstage, you’ll be able to celebrate the beauty of the natural world that lies waiting to be explored