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E27 LED Smart Emergency Light Bulb
E27 LED Smart Emergency Light Bulb
E27 LED Smart Emergency Light Bulb
E27 LED Smart Emergency Light Bulb
E27 LED Smart Emergency Light Bulb

E27 LED Smart Emergency Light Bulb

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Imagine your power just went out and you can’t see anything. You have to stumble around in the dark to try and find a working flashlight, but you trip and fall on your way to the kitchen.

Millions of Americans experienced power failures last year that left them stranded in the dark for hours. Unfortunately this epidemic is happening across the United States and the problem is only getting worse.

According a special report from Eaton Power Management Company the number of blackouts is skyrocketing and impacting hundreds of millions of Americans yearly.

FACT: Residential power outages have nearly doubled in the last 3 years according to a special report released by Eaton.

Who else wants a brand new emergency power solution that is fast, easy, and affordable to always be prepared for a blackout.

The Smart  Bulb is the world's first self-charging emergency light bulb that works just like your ordinary light bulbs but is always ready instantly when you have a power failure. Just turn on the light you put the Smart Bulb in and you can safely check on everyone in your family.

Imagine never having to worry about being stranded in the dark because of a blackout.

It's like having an expensive emergency generator installed without the costs or inconvenience. The Smart Bulb only takes a few seconds to install because it simply replaces your old light bulb and starts charging itself.

That's right, you will start saving money the day you replace your old bulbs with this life saving led light bulb. Just replace your old light bulb with this amazing new LED light and start saving Today!


1)E27 screw

2)voltage 220v screw

3)E27 The product itself does not have a light hook
4)Lamp beads are not all bright, only pass 220v is all bright, about 70% brightness,
5) lead-acid batteries, resistance capacity of glass fiber board
6) Size: 5w: 108 * 60mm, 7w: 120 * 68mm; 9w: 132 * 78mm, 12w: 142 * 94mm

Now most important is that you never know when your next blackout is going to be so you want to get your smart Bulb lights as soon as possible because they will only work if you have them in your home.