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Donut Maker
Donut Maker
Donut Maker
Donut Maker
Donut Maker

Donut Maker

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Here is a great news for all you donut lovers out there! Now
making your favorite comfort food comes handy at home. This
Donut Maker does not require professional skills for you to create
good-looking donuts.

The Donut Maker dispenses a perfectly-shaped "O" dough that
makes it professional-looking. This donut making machine is
made of high-quality materials like the ABS that is non-toxic and
practical to use. It very much ideal for donut lovers who would
like to have them at home. Now, donut lovers need not go out to
buy their favorite comfort food for they can have it at home now.

Great news to the donuts lover out there! Now you can make your
own donuts at home! It’s so easy to makes professional looking
donuts with Donut Maker. Donut Maker is a dough dispenser that
are specially design to make donuts, it dispenses a perfect “O” for

It’s fun and hassle-free! To make the perfect donuts, just follow
these 3 simple steps:

1. Mix the batter just like pancakes.
2. Heat the oil.
3. Hold the dispenser over the hot oil and squeeze the handle.

Donuts recipe:

350g flour, 35g sugar, 10g baking powder, one packet of vanilla
sugar and 250ml of water.

Combine all ingredients into a dough mix and fry the donuts
ready in a little cooking oil.

Beautify your donuts with a variety of toppings: sugar and
cinnamon, chopped nuts, powdered sugar, lemon icing or
chocolate icing.

Package Includes: 1* Donut Maker